Welcome to TechPF

Hello and welcome to TechPF – Tech Personal Finance! In this blog, I plan to share my personal finance knowledge and tricks for young people in technology, my goals for financial independence (a.k.a. “early retirement”), and tips on how to live a good life while still saving money.

Why Start a Blog?

As a young person in tech, I’m surrounded by people who obtain high salaries from the minute that they start working. When my peers and I graduated last year, many of my friends were offered six-figure salaries straight out of undergrad! While I don’t quite make six figures myself, my current job is a huge upgrade from my previous minimum-wage teaching assistant pay grade. Handling this avalanche of income is a fortunate problem to have, but a challenging one nonetheless. I have seen my friends and coworkers spend thousands on unnecessarily expensive cars, fancy kitchen appliances, and nights out at the bar. While these things can make you happy in the short-term, they often don’t contribute to long-term happiness, and living beyond your means can lead to a lot of stress.

Personal finance is hardly ever taught in schools. Even when it is, your average home economics class often doesn’t cover the topics that are relevant to someone suddenly making an upper-middle-class income. Seeing those big paychecks appearing in your account every other Friday would tempt even the most disciplined of individuals to spend more than they normally would. For this reason, wealth management is a skill that all young tech workers would benefit from having. I have spent many a slow day at the office digging into finance topics, scouring blog and IRS documentation alike in search of the best possible strategies. I hope this blog will make your information-seeking journey much faster than my own!

I also like numbers, and regularly make charts and spreadsheets to help guide my financial decisions. This blog will be a good outlet to share these tools so that they’re not just rotting away on my hard drive!

Who are you, anyway?

I am a 23-year-old computer engineer living in Texas. Originally from the Midwest, I graduated with an electrical engineering degree in 2014 and moved down south to start my career. I now work in computer hardware, doing my part to create the next generation of awesome tech. Outside of work, I love learning about personal finance, exploring the outdoors with my wonderful boyfriend, keeping up with my favorite TV shows, pursuing my master’s degree, playing volleyball, and practicing my Mandarin Chinese.

I realize that aside from the above speed-dating style, “I-like-long-walks-on-the-beach-and-excel-macros” introduction above, you probably want to know how I handle my money, too. Check out this post to learn more.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning from my experiences. Be sure to join in the comments so that I can learn from you, too!


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