How to Play the Scholarship Game

Paying over-inflated tuition costs often feels like flushing your money and your future down the toilet.

The rising cost of college is one of the first big adult challenges that millennials like me run into. Suddenly, you are faced with the fact that the life you want costs money. A lot of money. If Mom and Dad are helping out, this can ease the burden (though you’ll still see them turn a bit pale when it comes time to pay the bill). If you’re on your own, the huge chunks of change draining from your savings and mountainous loans can make you feel like you’re crippled before you even got your start in life. Even with a solid, money-making degree like engineering or computer science, student loans will hinder your ability to be financially successful in the first few years of your career. Desperate for relief, you turn to the holy grail: scholarships.

Determined to win these elusive scholarships, students and parents take to the internet with hope in their hearts. They scour the big scholarship search engines from dusk til dawn, searching for anything remotely relevant to them. For weeks and weeks they fill out application after application, and wait with bated breath to receive the blessing of their mysterious online benefactors. But as the months roll on and the seasons change, they hear nothing. Discouraged, they eventually resign themselves to paying that big tuition bill some other way.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There is a strategy to winning scholarships, a strategy I used to win over 25 separate awards during the course of my undergraduate education. In this post, I will share with you the 7 key components of my scholarship-winning method so that you, too, can have someone else pay your way.

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